Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Aku selalu ketinggalan, pfftt


Faizal Yusof
Eh dia dah meninggal eh? Serious taktau weh. Haritu ibu cerita² baru tahu. Barulah terhegeh² nak google ke benda -.- Ohmaii, takziah btw :) Dia sakit apa heh sampai boleh meninggal? Iskk muda lagi kot. Haaa sampai sekarang macam I can't belieeeeeeve this T_________T

Takpayah tanya lah, berlambak tu haa tak siap lagik. So I think I'm gonna make it as fast as I could this night. If you still see this post tomorrow, that means I'm busy with my homeworksss -.- Oh please lah, I don't have much time. Need to rush. I've to complete those homework before Saturday. I need time to relax.

What the heck lah that man suddenly nak backup mamat berambut karat -.- I don't understand people nowadays who're trying to defend those bad people. 1 Malaysia maybe haha LOL enough huda. Weh, I'm trying to speak English ni. Eventho my English was so bad -.- Haha don't be surprised if one day this blog will be full of English ;D Hoho see that spirit yg macam blablabla tu? Haha support me lah bro :) 

Again, I'm talking about him. Haha he went somewhere I don't know lah but it is somewhere -___- Hometown! Yeah his village. Celebrating Chinese New Year kot. Well, his mother was Chinese before :) Weh, we're just friend. Please lah stop moking me, pfft T___T Haha okay enough with that. It's late and my homeworks are waiting for me. Till here, love yaa <33


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