Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Tak semua benda kita nak, kita dapat. Cuma kalau betul-betul nak tu, berusaha lah. Tapi kalau tak dapat jugak, redha je. Belajarlah meredhai sesuatu. Merelakan sesuatu. You'll face it someday. Don't worry. Everyone will face what you've faced. Seriously. Oh and, we get what we give. Remember that. I love you. But I can't. I've to stop. Right here. And no more going back. I'm just tired of everything. It's nonsense okay a 14 years old girl talking about love. But that's what I am. A 14 years old girl don't just be a 14 years old girl. She has a thought like 41 years old woman. People nowadays, change.