Monday, March 25, 2013


It's late and I should've gone to sleep now, but I didn't. I just miss us. Aku tak tahu kalau aku yg over, atau kau memang dah lupakan aku. Well, you've tons of people surrounding you kan? So tak perasan aku. Why do people have to change? I hate changes.I thought you was my friend. The one that will stick by my side, forever. I wish I've one. Well, I do have one. But, you know, you're different. No, I don't have that fall in love feeling. It's just that, hm never mind.  You don't even bother, right? Too happy to notice. I've repeated for three times. I would love to talk to you like usual. But I think I might be bored to be with. I don't wish I was her. I wish I'm myself that you'll treat like you treat others. Ignore this. I'm overreact. Over. I took things so serious. It's just me yg bermasalah.Not you. Please. Bukan kau. Esok okay lah ni. Takpe, I'm leaving. Buat apa lagi jadi tunggul? Tunggul. Stoned. Tak tahu apa-apa, tak boleh buat apa-apa.Useless. And heartless? It's up to you. I'm leaving. Bai, bro.