Friday, March 11, 2011

Tired being myself


Aku takpernah berhenti berharap dekat seseorang dan aku benci benda tu. Takboleh ke kalau lupakan je dia and start a new life. Entah berapa kali aku renewed life aku pun taktau lah kan. Banyak benda aku dah buat, but none of them pun yg works. If you're in my shoes, apa perasaan kau? Mesti hampa, kecewa, terkilan, sedih, pilu yg teramat kan? Macam tu jugak lah aku. Kita manusia, sebenarnya sama je walau pada dasarnya kita berbeza. Masing² ada hati, masing² daripada tanah. Kita semua sempurna, makhluk Allah takde yg sempurna. Cuma kita je yg tak bersyukur dengan apa yg kita ada. 

Takpernah nak bersyukur. Takcukup satu, nak dua. Takcukup dua, nak tiga. Takcukup tiga, nak empat dan seterusnya. Kalau kita buat baik dengan orang tu, they'll do the same. What comes around, goes around. Ingat, people expected us to do this, to be this, to make this, but they never think what we feel inside. It's okay. It's not a problem actually if you know how to face it all by yourself. Without others' help. Yeah, that's what I want to be. But it's not a simple matter. It's a big big big things, where required us to use our brain, wisely. Okay?

We're living in a possible world. Everything could happen in just a second with HIS willing. HE is the MOST GREATEST in the world. It's not just the world, it's including the whole universe. Didn't you realize how strong HE is? Yeah, I don't know what's the MAIN point for my entry this time. RANDOM. More to blank actually. I just write what I want to without thinking. That's me. The real me. Sorry if you're annoyed with this entry. I know, I'm not a good english speaker, but at least, I've tried. Isn't? Please, respect others' effort. He/she had done his/her best.

They didn't need you to condemn them. They just need your supports. Think. I'm sorry, I'm not a good mood. Wishing tomorrow will be the best day ever :) Seriously, I mean it. Izz, I've something for you. I thought to give you this, but I'm afraid you'll be pissed on me. Yes, I really care about it. Okay? Btw, I'll away for 2 days starting tomorrow. Gonna have a holiday kot, dekat Penang. I don't know, kinda release tension like that lah. Well, exam was over. So as a student, we do need space to calm our messy mind, full of geography, history things which makes me sleepy all day -.-

It's okay, it's for our sake isn't? So just accept it. No need to complain all those. That's just for people who were already gave up with their life. I'm not yet. I still want to achieve my success. Make my parents happy with my PMR & SPM result :) Hope so. Pray for me, pray for us, pray for ourself <33


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