Friday, April 29, 2011

The girls must be jealous with you after watching this


My name is Najihah. I am 18 years old and I’m Justin Bieber’s OLLG in Malaysia. Yes, I’m Muslim. It all started here, I still can’t believe my eyes every time I look at my pictures and videos on stage. It happened so fast, I thought I was hallucinating. My friend and I were standing on the chairs singing to Justin’s “U Smile”, when a guy approached us. I didn’t recognize who he was at first so I thought “OMG! Am I in trouble? Did I do anything wrong?” So I just looked at him. Then all I could hear was “Justin’s One Less Lonely Girl?” and I was like, “Errrr yesssss?!!” Then he repeated his question “Do you wanna be the One Less Lonely Girl for tonight?” What else would I say. “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” “Alright, take out your passes and purse, give it to your friend” And so he took me backstage! Along the way, I was thinking whether this is a joke? Am I being kidnapped? Why on Earth am I following a stranger that offers me to be Justin’s OLLG out of the blue?! I But then no, it was for real! I waited with the dancers in one of the tents. I must say, they were ALL very friendly. They are all nice people! The photographer even asked me to make a shout out for Justin Bieber! When Justin started singing ‘One Less Lonely Girl’, Kenny took me to the backstage and only then I met Selena Gomez. She was so pretty! I think it’s very sweet of her to wait for Justin like that. She was standing the whole time. Kenny told me, ”One of the dancers will take you onto the stage. Just sit on the chair and look him into his eyes because he’ll be singing this song for you.” So, the dancers brought me on stage, I sat on the stool and HE IS WAY BEYOND GORGEOUS, GOOD-LOOKING, CUTE, CHARMING etc. I feel so blessed to be given the chance to look him into his eyes THAT CLOSE!He gave me a dozen of roses. That explains why I didn’t jump around and hug him.He didn’t hug me because the Malaysian government won’t allow any hugs or kisses but only a handshake, so he respected their regulations and I’m already happy to even be on the stage with him. The song was over, they brought me back to my seat. My friend was freaking out. So, I enjoyed the rest of the concert!  -@najihahaziq

Guys, can't you see how thankful she was? Homaigod, kalau aku jadi dia, aku taktau nak kata apa. Tak terkata weh. Haha perempuan tu pun macam THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU entah berapa banyak kali dah en. Anyway, nah tengok sikit :) Oh and btw, I copy paste all this from someone's tumblr kot :D


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