Friday, May 27, 2011

Menyesal. Serious menyesal


Tapi dah takde guna dah kau nak menyesal semua tu, Huda. Wake up! Kau terlalu berharap. Tak perlulah nak berharap sangat kalau kita tak pasti dia akan jadi milik kita atau sebaliknya. Boys don't chase forever. Salah kau okay. You should stop running from him. You want him isn't? Then, what's the problem? Urgh, you're just adding your own problems lah weh.

***, I'm sorry. I do regret it. Iloveyou, but the way you propose me, it doesn't seems that you're serious. You'll end your sentences with HAHA. It's not funny at all. Then apa entah kau cakap, rimas aku. Terus delete. Tulah, buat sesuatu tanpa berfikir. You'll end like this - regret. Tengok sekarang, rindu kau gilaaa lah banyak. If I'm given another chance, I'm sure, I'll accept you. Like seriously - itu pun KALAU -.-

But I know, mesti takde dah. There's no second chance for people like me - stupid. So now, what I want to say is, I LOVE YOU ***, I'VE STARTED LOVING YOU SINCE YOU SENT THOSE SONGS TO ME. I'M SORRY, I'M TOO FOOL FOR YOU MAYBE. IT'S OKAY. I'LL ACCEPT THIS. I'LL TRY NOT TO THINK 'BOUT YOU ANYMORE.

Till here baby :)

*bro, forget this. this's nonsense okay. I just don't know what am I mumbling about


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