Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I grow up

Kelakar bila teringat masa masa dulu hahaha entah la i used to edit my header using photoshop and photoscape (i guess?) pastu sekarang macam dah tak ingat apa apa hahaha taktahu apa apa tak reti apa apa huhu lepastu rajin gila nak mampoooosss edit blog apa benda en macam lifeless gila but now all those arent my priority anymore. How did i have time for blogging eh before this? Its funny you knowwwwwwww hahahaha ayoyo

Besides, i had been through a lotttt of things with this blog daaaa kena bash pun pernah sebab benda yang remeh...?? And salah faham je kot sumpah bodoh gila okay bila ingat balik hahahaha apparently she's older than me, so she should be more matured, i guess? Haih entah la some of us kan macam still tak open minded lagi and selalu fikir negative je plus dengki with other people. Contoh macam recently, this old lady pursue her studies in master kot and then poeple macam 'daripada sambung belajar baik lah nenek ni baca quran ke apa' I was like whaaaaaaat???

Why cant we just support her and be proud of her as she still has the ability to memorize, to study? While some teenagers yang sepatutnya more stronger and capable in every aspects but still malas malas and would rather wasting their young time doing benda benda entah pape than pursue their studies or even get a job. Sumpah i cant brain people nowadays yang kerja asyik nak cari salah orang je eeee geram betul hahahaha

Okay enough with that. I just wanna say that im truly grateful for everything that i have right now. Cuma theres one thing ni yang ive been trying to change since forever tapi macam susah gila :( I cant control myself from keep doing that thing but i'll keep trying to stop, inshaAllah. So i guess thats all kot hehe dah lama tak blogging i feel awwwwwwkkkkkwaaaaaaarddddd hehe bye xx