Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The things keep moving

Hidup tak selalunya senang. Relax. There're much more things you haven't been through. 
Ni baru sikit, tahan lah. Life's full of ups and downs. Aku tak nak lebih, I just want you :)
Every night I cry of you. Ngaaa I don't like when I'm typing thesee.
No, I'm not asking for you sympathize or whatever.
I just want you, to strengthen me. Don't need to know what's my problems.
Just be with me all the time; is enough. Kay?
I know, no one want. I just type whatever I feel. It's bleeding ~
What? Everything's bleeding. Hahahahaha cheer up! I'm just kidding.
My life is happy LOL and I'm proud with my life. Having good friends all the time.
They're the one who strengthen me all this while. I love them. And they love me too. Kay bai.

Those last three sentences


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